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Automated Logic United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain

Automated Logic

Automated Logic Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of energy management solutions. Our building automation and control systems utilize BACnet building controls at their core, making buildings smarter, more energy efficient, and more comfortable.

We are authorised system integrator in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.


Since its beginning, Automated Logic has focused on one objective: to develop innovative, intelligent building automation systems that advance operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. All of our hardware and software products contribute to an intelligent building ecosystem — buildings that are designed to maximize occupant comfort, while ensuring energy savings.

With the introduction of the Internet came new opportunities for building control technologies to combine with the new global communications platform. Unlike other systems that merely adapted to the web, WebCTRL®, Automated Logic’s web-based building automation system, adopted emerging web technologies, creating the industry’s most open, integrated and full-featured intelligent building control system.

For the first time, we had the ability to access information and control buildings from anywhere, using a variety of different devices. Fast forward to the present: Automated Logic is still a world leader in energy solutions, constantly creating new technology that makes it easier than ever to analyze, understand and properly manage your facility.

Our intelligent building solutions strive to provide energy efficiency and cost savings to our customers. Our WebCTRL product offers features such as OpenADR, occupancy-based controls, Environmental Index™ tool, utility metering and Energy Reports™ package, that allow you to maximize both occupant comfort and energy savings. At Automated Logic, we make data big to make buildings intelligent.

WebCTRL® Building Analytics

Look at your building automation system as the gathering place, the repository of all operating data and information related to your building. Whether it is temperature history, utility metering, trend data or comfort measurement, your building automation system must be able to intelligently and effectively package the information you need for management of your facilities. The WebCTRL system does just that without the need for third-party monitoring or troublesome subscription services.

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Thermographic Floor Plans

Few operators have the time to sit in front of the computer comparing actual space temperatures with their set points – and with Automated Logic, they don’t have to. A timeless and unmatched assessment tool, thermographic floor plan displays allow instantaneous recognition of building and zone conditions. A quick analysis of colors allows the operator to determine if there is an issue.

By displaying information using colors rather than numerical data, we eliminate the need for human calculation and interpretation of set point and actual temperature difference, and help resolve whether there is a normal circumstance or an anomaly to be investigated.

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Energy Management

With tighter operating budgets, stricter government guidelines and increasing public awareness, energy savings and resource conservation have become top priorities in the public and private sectors. And with those priorities, sustainable building operations must adhere to both energy use concerns and occupant comfort.

Facility managers know that saving on energy costs cannot come at the expense of comfort. Studies have linked comfort levels to error rates and productivity, absenteeism and even successful classroom learning. The key is to strike a predictable and measurable balance – and to maintain that balance consistently.

That’s where the WebCTRL system comes in, with features like setpoint optimization, trending information, thermographic color floor plans and demand reduction, it not only saves you energy, it lowers costs — all while maintaining the optimal level of occupant comfort.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) uses the power of robust algorithms, hard data and strong reporting of the Automated Logic WebCTRL system. FDD can measure, anticipate, provide insight, and automatically respond to system conditions that are not necessarily critical, but may be trending that way – all with the goal of improved operational performance.

Always on the cutting edge, Automated Logic is at the forefront of the steadily evolving FDD technology.

Find out more about the WebCTRL system Fault Detection and Diagnostics.

Advanced Trend and Scatter Plot Tools

Information is power, and Automated Logic gives you both with the delivery of a fully capable trending tool. Trend all of the points in your system and have the full benefit of robust historical information

At Automated Logic, we deliver complete trending tools for your building. With our high-speed architecture and distributed trend gathering, all physical parameters (i.e., temperature, relative humidity, dew point, CFM, pressure) are historically trended and securely stored. In addition, all environmental data, both current and historical, can be shown in a tabular or graphical display.

Our scatter plot displays deliver a firsthand diagnostic perspective on your major equipment, allowing you to assess system efficiency versus load to further optimize your operation.

With the ability to simply create graphs from data anywhere in the system, the operator has the immediate ability to effectively analyze, diagnose and troubleshoot any aspect of their facility’s operations in real time. That same capability provides the necessary backup and documentation to demonstrate your operating effectiveness.


There are a number of ways buildings can reduce energy costs. Open Automated Demand Response (ADR) can help facilitate the reduction in peak energy usage and potential financial incentives related to that reduction.

Utility providers have to design and operate their plants around the highest possible energy demand. Often, financial incentives or reduced rates are offered to customers who can reduce their peak demand. OpenADR facilitates that relationship by automatically and securely communicating energy usage information from your facility to your utility provider to initiate these reduction efforts. OpenADR is an add-on for our WebCTRL software and Automated Logic is a proud member of the OpenADR AllianceTM.

White Paper: Automated Logic Corp.’s WebCTRL® Automated Demand Response Add-On


The WebCTRL building automation system’s open architecture and support for industry standards make integration with third-party mechanical and electrical building subsystems easy. The WebCTRL system is capable of supporting multiple protocols over a TCP/IP network, allowing many pieces of equipment to be connected directly to the main WebCTRL system backbone. Equipment using BACnet can be connected to an IP, ARCNET, or MS/TPnetwork segment. Automated Logic’s Open Systems Integration allows for seamless interconnection to equipment using BACnet, Modbus® interface units, N2, JBUS® digital electronic devices, or LonWorks® network software, as well as an extensive list of proprietary protocols.


Energy savings is one of the most critically important aspects of building automation. Having an intelligent meter to gather information about your utility usage can help you appropriately manage your building’s energy consumption.

Taking it one step further, a building automation system that allows you to generate reports of your building’s energy usage makes it easy to analyze trends, pinpoint inefficiencies and make changes accordingly. The Energy Reports feature of the WebCTRL system not only meets all of these objectives, but does so in industry-leading fashion.

Automated Logic Products

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