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ATS Panel

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS Panel)

  • Type: Contactor type, Molded case  & Power frame type
  • Brand: Siemens, Schenider, ABB, Eaton
  • Scope: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Assembly, FAT, Site Commissioning.
  • Rating: 32 A to 4000 A
  • Phase: Single & Three


We at Team Switchgear Dubai provide Low-voltage ATS automatic transfer switch assemblies that provide a secure means of transferring essential load connections between primary and alternate sources of electrical power. Projects that are vital to have 24 hours uninterrupted power supply like Hospitals, Labs, utility building, factories and Data centers typically utilize an emergency power source such as a generator or a backup utility feed when their normal power source becomes unavailable.

Thats when an ATS comes into play and reconnects the power source from primary to stand by. Such ATS Panels have dual mode of operation, which can be manually operated and automatically operated. ATS Panels are usually installed at the back up generator end so that that it can automatically run the generator when needed. Not only it changes from primary to secondary, it changed it back to primary once the voltage is read at the primary end.


Characteristics of ATS provided by Team

  • Programmable to suit the customer’s requirements.
  • 2 or more source systems.
  • Multi-voltage control operation.
  • Interfaces to different MV/LV switchgear types.
  • Free standing, floor fixable and also holes provided on bottom frame.
  • Front access for operation.
  • Cable supports and removable gland plates.
  • Common earth bar along enclosure
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