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Car Park Ventilation Panel

Car Park Ventilation

  • Brand: Colt, System Air
  • Type:
  • Custom: Car Park Ventilation Panel
  • Scope: Design, Engineering, Procurement, Assembly, FAT, Site Commissioning.
  • Specialisation: Jet Fan & Cyclone Centrifugal
  • Ambient Temperature: -60°C ÷ +80°C




We at Team Switchgear Dubai provide the best Fire Design Solutions we expertise in the design, build and installation of both commercial and residential Car Park Ventilation Systems that can optimise smoke control. Our aim with car park ventilation is to provide the most cost e{ective smoke control solution depending upon the type of car park, the layout of the car park and any additional fire legislation that may be in force over and above the basic code standards.

Incase of a fire emergency, the system’s primary task is to limit smoke propagation inside the car park and direct flow to the closest extract points, where the contaminated air is then removed from the building. Smoke is extracted by the main extract fans, whilst smoke control is maintained by the Jet Thrust Fans

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