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DDC Panel

Direct Digital Control Panels ( DDC Panels)

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DDC (direct digital control) is the automated control of a condition or process by a digital computer. A comparison can be made between conventional pneumatic controls and DDC. A typical HVAC pneumatic control system may consist of a pneumatic temperature sensor, pneumatic controller, and a heating or cooling valve. In the pneumatic system the sensor provides a signal to the controller, the controller provides an output to the valve to position it to provide the correct temperature of supply air. A DDC system replaces this local control loop with an electronic temperature sensor and a microprocessor to replace the controller. The output from the microprocessor is converted to a pressure signal to position the same pneumatic heating and cooling valve as in the pneumatic control system. However, the DDC system is not limited to utilizing pneumatic control devices but may also interface with electric or electronic actuators. We at Team Switchgear Dubai provide a DDC panel required for any sort of application as per client’s requirements.

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