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Preventive Maintenance & AMC

Preventive Maintenance & AMC

  • Brands: All major brands
  • Scope: Emergency Response, Annual Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance

Expertise (not limited to):

  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance
  • Capacitor Bank Maintenance
  • RetroFit and Modifications
  • BMS Requirement
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Critical Spare
  • ACB Servicing & Replacement
  • Site Survey
  • Reprogramming of Systems




We at Team Switchgear Dubai provides preventive maintenance so as to reduce down time and plans accordingly to prevent failure of the electrical installations. We also provide maintenance contacts to ensure the effective and efficient working of the installations for the long run foreseeing the possible risk.

We provide round the clock technical support and maintenance on the complete range of Low Voltage products supplied by us as well as on systems produced by all third party suppliers. We have a fully workable approach to suit every client’s requirements and minimise the impact on their business.

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